Current Events - 2021

"You are the living fountain of hope"

Current EventsLuigi Giussani

"May this living fountain of hope be every morning the most gripping and tenacious meaning of life possible." Luigi Giussani's address at the 2002 Rimini Meeting on Dante's 'Hymn to Our Lady'.

Christmas: In this way makes himself visible

Current EventsJulián Carrón

“Christmas, a real fact that confronts our retreat from life.” Julián Carrón’s contribution on Christmas, published in Corriere della Sera on December 24.

Christmas. God reigns by making himself small for us

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

The Christmas message of Davide Prosperi to the Movement: “Not only does God walk with us, but He entrusts Himself to our freedom; He hungers and thirsts for our freely spoken ‘yes’”.

The church in Eastleigh

The tip of an iceberg of questions

Current Events

A 20-year-old girl met at Mass in a parish in the English countryside. An invitation to a meeting and then involvement in the simple things in life. The story of Fr. Luca of the Fraternity of St. Charles.

“They are made of what they see”

Current EventsGiuseppe Frangi

Faces, hands, and gazes that “would never look away from what is in front of their eyes.” The Christmas poster features the Adoration of the Shepherds by Matthias Stomer. From the December issue of Traces.

The Pope's letter to the Memores Domini

Current Events

On the occasion of the Professions taken on December 4 during the Advent retreat, the Holy Father has sent a message to all the members of the Association through the special Delegate, Monsignor Filippo Santoro.

Fraternity of CL: Davide Prosperi as interim president

Current Events

The letter in which Davide Prosperi informs the Fraternity of CL of the contents of his audience with the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life and his assumption of the role as interim President.


A new beginning

Current Events

Margherita shares what she and her family have been experiencing after their recent relocation: not fear of being alone but gratitude.

Christmas 2021: The videoposter

Current Events

This year, Fr. Giussani's words are accompanied by Matthias Stomer's, "The Adoration of the Shepherds".

My friend Dostoyevsky

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dostoyevsky, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams speaks of how the Russian genius has changed his way of seeing.

A single gaze of gratuitousness

Current EventsMichela Young

The unexpected adventure of “The Tree of Tales” exhibition at the Rimini Meeting as described by those involved. This is what happened during the days of our exhibition, and what is still happening now…

To just simply live

Current Events

The days prior to Marta and her family’s departure from Scotland were full of the constant presence of their friends. “I asked myself if we did had done anything particularly special during our years here…” This is what she discovered.

“The Lord takes care of everything”

Current Events

As a summer vacation for the whole UK community could not be organised this year, the Cambridge community decided to organize a “day-holiday” to end the year together. This is how the day became proof that the Lord takes care of everything...

Kharkov responds to Madrid

Current Events

Notes from the assembly of CL communities in Eurasia with Fr. Carrón, a “long-distance dialogue” catalyzed by the challenge posed by Rosa Montero in El País. What makes the here and now a beginning and not the end? From July/August 'Traces'.

Ireland: “God uses everything to reawaken me”

Current Events

The word expectation has resonated in Hilda’s life since she was a child. “Getting married, having my children, meeting the movement…What more could I want? And yet this sense of expectation remained." And faced with Covid, everything came to a head…

Carrón's letter to Cardinal Farrell

Current Events

The letter sent by Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, to Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastry for the Laity, Family and Life.

The secret

Current EventsGiorgio Vittadini

A glimpse into Georges Bernanos' novel which is proposed for summer reading. The moving account of the life sickly parish priest in a rural community in Northern France who “accepted the terrible presence of the divine in every instant of his poor life.”