Current Events - 2015

Interview: 10 years at the head of Communion and Liberation

Current EventsLuca Marcolivio

"If the faith is truly lived seriously, it is able to meet all the desire of fullness that a person desires when not finding another." We publish an interview with Julián Carrón in light of ten years as head of Communion and Liberation.

Close to those who are far away

Current EventsLuca Fiore

A day in the suburbs of London with Fr. Jose "Pepe" Claveria to see how in this ultra secularized society faith can once again be credible (and attractive) even for “pagans.”

Giulia telling the story of the Happy Prince

From Oscar Wilde’s heart to ours

Current EventsGianluca Marcato

Fr. Neil from the Church of the Holy Family of Ealing was unable to attend the London Encounter. So a group of friends decided to take the exhibition about Oscar Wilde to the parish. Between a five o'clock tea and a sangria, an account of the weekend.

The caress of mercy

Current EventsPope Francis

"Only those who have been caressed by the tenderness of mercy truly know the Lord." We publish the address of the Holy Father Francis to the Movement of Communion and Liberation in Saint Peter’s Square on the tenth anniversary of Msgr. Giussani's passing.

The broken heart of a dandy

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

Everyone knows of his extravagance; few know of his suffering, his relationship with sin and beauty, or his deathbed conversion. An exhibit at the London Encounter has been dedicated to Oscar Wilde, and it offers a portrait of “a soul” and its hope.

What does that man ask of me?

Current EventsLuca Fiore

At Saint Peter’s Square was Rowan Williams, the former Anglican Primate of England. He was there out of friendship, and because “it is the moment of encounter.”

A road that begins again

Current Events

More than 80,000 people attended the Audience of Pope Francis with Communion and Liberation in Rome. It was an historical event in which the Pope invited the whole Movement to be–centered in Christ–the hands and heart of an “outward-oriented” Church.

Wounded by the desire for beauty

Current EventsBenedict XVI

At the request of Pope John Paul II, then-Cardinal Ratzinger served as principal celebrant and homilist for the funeral mass of Msgr. Luigi Giussani in the Milan Cathedral. Here is the homily in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Msgr. Giussani's passing.

"You are the outpost"

Current EventsGianluca Marcato

The weekend with Fr. Julián Carrón and the Northern European CL communities, from countries where life becomes more and more difficult and complicated. But precisely because of this "a truly human gesture" is easier to recognize.