Current Events - 2023

The Journey in His Presence

Current Events

An evening of music, readings and videos to celebrate the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth in Lancaster.

Wheat therapy

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

Children’s suffering and attempts to anesthetize their pain. But what happens when you take your questions seriously? Giovanna Moretto, a developmental psychologist, talks about her work. “An ongoing education for me.”

Giacomo and his wife Maria

If aridity is no objection

Current EventsGiacomo Mazzi

A job in finance, the anxiety of performance outside and inside the home. Until the discovery that everything is united only if we recognize that we are loved. Giacomo's testimony to CL European Diaconia.

The presentation in Cambridge

Cambridge: The Religious Sense and a "living experience"

Current EventsSofia Carozza

The presentation of Fr. Giussani's book at the University Chaplaincy, a round table between Arabella Milbank, Anglican chaplain, Paschal Uche, Catholic priest, and physicist Maria Ubiali.

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (Photo:Unsplash/Ben Seymour)

Oxford: A source of faith and unity for all

Current EventsFrancesco Banfi

The presentation of The Religious Sense at the University of Oxford’s Catholic Chaplaincy. An opportunity for the local community to bear witness to what has taken hold of each person's life.

Easter 2023: The videoposter

Current Events

The words of Pope Francis and Fr. Giussani accompany a canvas by Caspar David Friedrich this year, "Easter Morning"

“Like the knots of a fisherman's net”

Current Events

Mercedes recounts how visiting the New York Encounter allowed her to rediscover herself as part of a bigger history that she desires to share with everyone: "we are like the knots of a fisherman's net, connected to others by infinite threads."

Paul Cézanne, "Mont Sainte-Victoire", between 1904 and 1906, oil on canvas. Detroit Institute of Arts

Cézanne becomes Cézanne

Current Events

Blanca recounts how an exhibition of paintings by Paul Cézanne allowed her to rediscover how humanity flourishes within a relationship.

The childlike giant

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

The message of Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, to the entire movement on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.