Growing and helping others grow during a pandemic

A CL public meeting on "Education: self-communicating one’s self". January 30, live on YouTube, a dialogue with Julián Carrón on the questions provoked by the situation of education, which concerns us all.
January Traces

"Love alone is credible"

Nothing challenges our freedom like a person in whom we see the realization of what we desire. The January issue is out now.
Photo: Unsplash/Fusion Medical Animation
Current Events

“What is my contribution to the world?”

Covid-19, work in UK universities, and the discovery of the “English variant”. Alessandro, a researcher, talks about what has happened during the recent months of the pandemic, and that “gusto for life”.
County Carlow, Ireland (Photo: Unsplash/ K. Mitch Hodge )

"Let's wait and see"

Scars from childhood, suffering, and her life in Ireland. From November Traces the witness of Maria, who identifies with the “man born blind” of the Gospel. “How can such an awful fact open my heart to something so beautiful?"

Joyce's Way

James Joyce died on January 13, 1941. For the eightieth anniversary of his death, a small voyage through his life and work. From the January issue of Italian Tracce.
Corvara, 1989
CL United Kingdom

‘Chance’ encounters?

From the late 70s to the early 90s a new and local history slowly began to flourish. An account of the birth of Communion and Liberation in the United Kingdom. Fruit of ‘chance’ encounters, or the whispering of Another?
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Current Events

An "amazing" journey

All certainties shattered by Covid, but an unexpected event overcomes all nihilism. Davide describes his journey and the continuous recurrence of similar events - some astonishing, others tiny, but equally important whispers.
© Massimiliano Migliorato/CPP
Current Events

Face to face

A dialogue with the Dominican and biblical scholar Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, who grapples with the present starting from Julián Carrón's book. Charity, the death of a dear friend, and the most valuable lesson we can learn: “Always be grateful.”

Timothy Radcliffe is a renowned preacher, writer, and theologian, a Dominican Friar at Blackfriars Oxford, former Master of the Order and Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. We talked with him about his experience of the lockdown, a...