The secret

Current EventsGiorgio Vittadini

A glimpse into Georges Bernanos' novel which is proposed for summer reading. The moving account of the life sickly parish priest in a rural community in Northern France who “accepted the terrible presence of the divine in every instant of his poor life.”

Hans van Mourik Broekman during the online meeting

A headteacher on ‘Education as Self-Communication’

Current EventsHans van Mourik Broekman

A contribution to the dialogue on Julián Carrón’s book Education. Communicating One’s Self. “Schools believe that we can teach children to be happy, fulfilled, free by literally teaching them about the virtues that they need to pursue."

Giovanni Bellini, 'Deposition' (detail), c. 1515, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

“Silence filled with His presence”

Current Events

This year, the traditional Good Friday gestures in London and Edinburgh could not go ahead in their usual format due to Covid restrictions. Then came the proposal to put together a video with meditations led by our bishop friends.

View of Stirling from Dumyat Hill

 “He is happening again”

Current Events

Marta describes how recent experiences have been the opportunity to rediscover how "God is in everything" and to deepen her relationship with Him, if she makes space for Him to happen again.

Confessions of a headteacher

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Hans van Mourik Broekman has dedicated his life to education. But since last year, when he “met” Fr. Luigi Giussani, he has reconsidered his way of working and living his faith. From the February issue of Traces.

Pigi Bernareggi: Fr. Carrón's message

Current EventsJulián Carrón

"He always followed the subtle method of God. Look how much fruit his willingness to follow that method produced!" Fr. Carrón's words for the death of the Italian missionary.

Growing and helping others grow during a pandemic

Current Events

A CL public event on "Education: Communicating one’s self". January 30, live on YouTube, a dialogue with Julián Carrón on the questions provoked by the situation of education, which concerns us all.

Photo: Unsplash/Fusion Medical Animation

“What is my contribution to the world?”

Current Events

Covid-19, work in two British universities, and the discovery of the “English variant”. Alessandro, a researcher, talks about what has happened during the recent months of the pandemic, and that “gusto for life”.

Welcome to our new website!

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We have redesigned to make it more efficient, and more easily navigable, in order to share the beauty of our experience of the faith with everyone.

International Holiday, Corvara, 1989

‘Chance’ encounters?

Current EventsMichela Young

An account of the birth of Communion and Liberation in the UK. Fruit of ‘chance’ encounters, or the whispering of Another?

Cambridge, 1986
Photo: Unsplash/Tarik Haiga

An "amazing" journey

Current Events

All certainties shattered by the Covid crisis. An unexpected event, suddenly overcomes all nihilism. Davide describes his journey and the continuous recurrence of similar events - some more astonishing, others tiny, but equally important whispers.

Photo: Unsplash/Bruno Kelzer

What is the source of our hope?

Current Events

Irene describes how through recent events the experience of a mysterious love has “flipped her heart from nothingness to a desire for life.” Partiality is no longer enough, and the desire for this loving embrace becomes more ardent.

© Massimiliano Migliorato/CPP

Face to face

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

A dialogue with the Dominican and biblical scholar Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, who grapples with the present starting from Julián Carrón's book. Charity, the death of a dear friend, and the most valuable lesson we can learn: “Always be grateful.”

"Who are you who light this fire in my heart?"

Current Events

Despite being overwhelmed by the struggle of a million things to do, Maria describes how the period of lockdown has magnified the desires of her heart. “This is certainly not my ability but the fruit of Christ’s presence here and now.”

Society is changed by those who have been changed already

Current EventsLisa Lickona

The US presidential elections, anti-racial protests, and an increasingly polarized country. What is the contribution of Christians today? A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas and John Zucchi to revisit Fr. Giussani’s "From Utopia to Presence."

Where does hope originate from?

Current EventsJulián Carrón

A preview of the September issue of Traces. The full text of the dialogue between Bernhard Scholz, President of the Meeting, and the head of CL from this year's special edition of the Rimini Meeting.

An opportunity for conversion

Current Events

Marta describes the significance the Rimini Meeting has for her and why she decided to sign up as an ambassador for this year’s special edition, all the way from Scotland.

The radiance in your eyes

Current Events

Julián Carrón’s latest book, The radiance in your eyes – What saves us from nothingness?, is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone.”