Book of the Month

The books or texts chosen and proposed for everyone to read are of great value for Christian witness, and might be chosen amongst the writings of Fr. Giussani, Fr. Carrón, Saints, or great works of literature.


Education is transmitting the meaning of life; it is not a word, it is an experience.

The problem of education, first and foremost, concerns us adults, because the opportunity that our young people may have of encountering a path for their journey depends on us. This is because a human journey is not a mere collection of discourses and words, of instructions for use, it is a life which is communicated with the support of adequate reasons.

Those who educate are not those who make propaganda, but those who are committed to rousing something in a young person, to setting freedom in motion.


Our bookstall is open during our community's major events and assemblies. A selection of books recommended by CL are available for purchase, or to purchase online.