The Religious Sense Night

9 December 2023, 5 pm, Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh

Who are you who so fill my heart with your absence? Who fill the entire world with your absence? (Par Lagerkvist, Nobel Prize in Literature). In the most tender moments of love, in front of piercing beauty or of war and grief, sometimes even at the end of a rather normal day, we all perceive that life "cannot be just this". Is such a longing for truth, goodness and justice reasonable? How can one seek an answer?

Leo Cushley, Roman Catholic Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Linsay Taylor, Head of Community Development and Engagement at Muslim Engagement and Development and Chair of Interfaith Scotland, and Daniele Faccio, Professor of Quantum Technology at University of Glasgow, will compare themselves with the answers to these questions proposed in Luigi Giussani's The Religious Sense.

The Religious Sense, the fruit of many years of dialogue of Giussani with students, explores the search for meaning in life. The author shows that the nature of reason expresses itself in the ultimate need for truth, goodness, and beauty. These needs constitute the fabric of the religious sense, which is evident in every human being everywhere and in all times. So strong is this sense that it leads one to desire that the answer to life’s mystery might reveal itself in some way.

Giussani challenges us to penetrate the deepest levels of experience to discover our essential selves, breaking through the layers of opinions and judgments that have obscured our true needs. Asserting that we all have all the necessary tools for this adventure, he focuses primarily on reason, as an openness to existence, a capacity to comprehend and affirm reality in all of its dimensions.

In a recent interview on the Israel-Gaza war, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Pierbattista Pizzaballa said “Here, the question is not so much “where is God”, but let’s go back to what was said even 70 years ago in Europe during the Holocaust: where is man?”. The discussion around The religious sense will contribute to search for answer to this radical question.

Doors will open at 4.30pm, panel will run from 5pm-6.30pm with refreshments at the end.

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