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Weekend with Carrón 2019

4-6 January 2019, De Vere Wokefield Estate, Reading


The weekend for the European English Speaking Communities with Fr. Carrón will be held at the De Vere Wokefield Estate Hotel (Goodboys Lane, Mortimer , Berkshire, Reading, RG7 3AH) The weekend will start with dinner on Friday 4 January at 7 pm (check-in available from 5 pm) and will finish on Sunday 6 January after lunch.

Contributions and testimonies for Fr. Carron:
"Christianity is that “what” which makes tradition into a living reality, which turns the articulation of thought into a living reality, which brings to life what is past. It’s what makes thought, idea and value come alive," Traces October 2018 Page One, p.7

"Christianity is something that is given to us, and that appears to us as given, as an announcement, an unforeseen and unforeseeable reality, that didn’t exist and is here, that could not be and is here, is present, that couldn’t be and is present: an absolute newness. Just think of what the shepherds must have felt at the Angel’s announcement, or the wise men at the announcement of which the star was a sign. A radical newness; new at an absolutely new level: it could not be and is here; it could not be because we never would’ve thought of it, we couldn’t imagine it and it’s here. Christianity is this event, it’s the event of this announcement," Traces October 2018 Page One, p.11

How is our life sustained in the dramatic social and working environment we live in? What is our contribution to this world?

To prepare for the weekend, we invite you to send your contribution to secretary.cl@gmail.com by 1 January 2018. All contributions will be sent to Fr. Carrón.

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