Presentation of "Disarming Beauty"

Friday, 18 May 2018, 5 pm, Auditorium of Magdalene College, Cambridge

“Beauty is the splendor of truth,” as Aquinas says, and thus truth does not need anything from the outside to communicate itself; it has an attraction in and of itself that is sufficient, precisely because of its beauty. It seemed like an appropriate title for a book that is directed to a person’s reason and freedom, without imposing on either. The times we are living force us to recognize that we can only access truth by means of what passes through our freedom.

Dr. Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College and former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Fr. Julián Carron, President of Communion and Liberation, will present Fr. Carrón's book, Disarming Beauty, on 18 May, 5 pm, in the Cripps Auditorium at Magdalene College, Cambridge. The presentation of the book will be followed by a dialogue with the audience and refreshments in the Denis Murphy Gallery.

The leaflet attached can be used to invite friends and colleagues.

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