Beginning of the Year Day 2016 - Pilgrimage Mount St. Bernard

Saturday, 1 October 2016, Mount St. Bernard, Coalville

Following the Pope's invitation to live the Holy Year of Mercy as an extraordinary moment of grace and spiritual renewal through the practice of pilgrimage to a holy door, for the UK community, we are proposing a pilgrimage to Mount St. Bernard on 1st October 2016 (Oaks Rd, Coalville LE67 5UL, ).

This proposal is so important that it will be the way we will start our year in 2016, and it will replace any other Beginning Day gesture. All local communities are invited to give maximum relevance and priority to this proposal so that we can live this event together as one community.


12.30 pm - Gather in the Abbey car park (free parking)
12.45 - Start circular walk in silence in the fields
1.30 - Gather in the church. Rosary and songs
2.30 - Readings and meditation
3.00 - Mass
4.00 - Notices and departure

Given the nature of the pilgrimage, the long journey and the many hours to be spent in the Church the event is proposed for CLU (university students) and Adults only (the pilgrimage is not proposed for SY and SY will have a separate Beginning Day).

Children 10 + will be allowed to attend the Pilgrimage if parents think they will be able to follow and enjoy the event (no babysitting provided).

Lunch will not be provided as part of the event. We all have to be ready to begin the walk in silence by 12.45 pm. Everyone should make his/her own arrangements for lunch. It will be possible to eat in the car park and fields around the abbey, but please bear in mind there is no indoor facility that can be used for lunch in case of bad weather. There are a number of pubs and restaurant approx. 10/15 mins drive from the Abbey, but please make sure you book you table and have plenty of time to arrive in time for the start of the pilgrimage at 12.45 pm.

The deadline to register is Wednesday 21 September.

We are asking a contribution of £5 (adults only) to cover the expenses for the day, including a booklet to follow the event that will be distribute to all participants on arrival at Mount St. Bernard.

Payment has to be done by 21 September by bank transfer on Manalive Bank Account. Secretaries of each School of Community can collect cash and make one bank transfer for the whole group. In this case, please send an email to to confirm who you paid for.


Travel to and from Mount St. Bernard must be independently organised by each participant.

For the London Community, we offer the possibility to book a place on a coach (that will probably leave from Victoria). If you live in London and would like to take advantage of this option, please indicate so in the online form.

The Secretary Team will provide more information about the cost of the coach, which is expected to be around £20 per adult - separate payment will be collected later. The coach will be organised only if we receive a sufficient number of requests. For this reason, please register online by Wednesday 21 September and indicate your need for a place on the coach only if you are 100% sure you will travel by coach.

If other communities around the country wants to organise minibus or coach solutions, please feel free to reach out to the Secretary Team for any questions / advice.