2016 Fraternity Exercises

29 April - 1 May 2016, Selsdon Park Hotel, South Croydon


The Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity are one of the most important events in the life of our community. As in previous years, we invite the whole community (not just those who have joined the Fraternity) to take part.

We will follow the event live from Rimini by satellite connection.

The Exercises will be held on the weekend of the 29 April - 1 May at the Selsdon Park Hotel, 126 Addington Rd, South Croydon CR2 8YA.

The event will start with dinner on the Friday at 6.30 pm, and ending with lunch on Sunday. It is important to come for the whole period. Because of the extra travel time required, those travelling from northern England, Scotland and the rest of Europe may need to book a day off work on Friday, so please plan ahead.

The event will start with dinner on the Friday at 6.30 pm, and will end with lunch on Sunday - please note that it will only be possible to register for the whole weekend. Hotel check in will be opened from 5 pm on Friday. Please check travel time in advance so you can take a day off on Friday if needed.

Friday 29 April:

5 pm - Registration opens
6.30 pm - Dinner served
7.30 pm - Entrance into the hall

The “content” of the Exercises starts with the Introduction on Friday evening (please be seated in the hall by 7.30 pm).

The Exercises will end on Sunday after lunch, which will be served at around 12.00 pm.

Like in the past, there will be the opportunity to pay your Common Fund contributions (for the Community and for the Fraternity).

2016 Fraternity Exercises booklet