London Encounter 2015

Saturday, 6 June 2015, etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London


London Encounter will return for its second edition on Saturday 6 June 2015, and will be held at etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YX (next to Liverpool Street Station).

London Encounter 2015 will include the following Exhibitions and Meetings:

  • Exhibition: Oscar Wilde - While Oscar Wilde has long been misunderstood by many who consider him simply as a champion of hedonism, this exhibition will focus on his views and experience of two mysteries at the core of our reality: beauty and sorrow.

  • Exhibition: Drama surrounded by Splendour - A reflection on the dignity of work through the medium of the 19th century French Realist painter, Jean-François Millet, with writings from his compatriot, the poet and essayist Charles Peguy

  • Exhibition: The nature of charity - considering how the virtue of charity allows the giver of charity to complete and fulfil himself, and how, through sharing our life, we find joy in the reality before us and meaning in suffering.

  • Meeting: The nature of work - Panel discussion with Stefano Colli-Lanzi, CEO of GiGroup, Robert Phillips, Jan van Betten

  • Meeting: The nature of charity - Panel discussion with David Livesey, Alessandro Mele, Pam Orchard

  • Evening event: Beats and Heartbeats: in tune with reality - The Irish journalist John Waters will join us in the evening. This guided listening journey will help us to discover (or rediscover) the origin of all mankind’s actions – the relationship between the desire for “everything” and what is before it: reality.

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