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"There is no greater expression of human feeling than music. Who is not moved by a violin concerto or who can be insensitive to the variations of a piano sonata? Can you imagine anything greater? And yet when I hear the human voice...I don't know if this happens to you, bit I feel the human voice is even greater. Truly there is no service to the community comparable to singing.....When you sing at the retreat you express us, you are us and your voice rises and touches us like a gift. For this reason song is freely given, singing is charity. Song is pure charity.... This is why the choir, why singing, is the most useful and charitable service given to the community."

"Singing in the movement started five minutes before the first Mass; it began when the movement began. There was no difference. As the movement comes to life, so does singing. Just like the child and his mother. You belong and song arises. There can be no choir without belonging...Singing is the most authentic expression of man if he is man, and he is man if he belongs. If his mother is in the vicinity, the child will sing and just as soon as a fragment of the movement exists, so does song."
(Fr Luigi Giussani - Tracce , April 1994)

This has been our experience of singing in the choir this year: one of beauty and the growth of our humanity and the awareness of what we live. For this reason we would like to invite you to join us.

We meet every other Saturday for the choir rehearsals from 4-6pm.
During Autumn we focus on preparing for a Carol Service in the final weeks of Advent and during Spring we prepare for the Way of the Cross gesture of our community, which takes place in Central London on Good Friday. We also serve the Church and wider community by responding to many requests for us to sing at weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations and other special occasions throughout the year.
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