Personal Letter of Benedict XVI to Fr. Julián Carrón

On the first anniversary of Fr. Giussani’s passing.
Benedict XVI

To Reverend
Fr Julián Carrón

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Monsignor Luigi Giussani, father and teacher of many young people, to whom he indicated Christ as the centre of their existence, I associate myself spiritually with you and with the whole Movement of Communion and Liberation to thank the Lord for the gift of such a zealous priest, in love with man because in love with Christ. I recall with emotion the solemn celebration of his funeral in Milan Cathedral, which allowed me once more to note the esteem and appreciation that, in the course of his fruitful existence, he had been able to enkindle around his person, his teaching and his apostolic work.

As I stressed during the funeral, dear Fr Giussani was striking above all for his steadfast faithfulness to Christ and for his unremitting effort in communicating the wealth of the Gospel message to every social category. His spiritual children have now the task of continuing to walk in his footsteps, following his teaching and remaining always in communion with the Bishops and other components of the Church. To this end I assure you of my prayers, asking the Lord that Communion and Liberation might serve the cause of the Gospel in joy, carrying on the work begun by its venerated founder.

It is with these sentiments and wishes that, on this meaningful occasion, I invoke abundant outpouring of graces and heavenly comforts on you, Fr. Giussani’s successor, on your collaborators and on the entire spiritual family, which you have the task of leading. As a sign of particular affection, I impart to all a special Apostolic Blessing, willingly extending it to Fr. Giussani’s relatives and to those who keep his memory alive.

From the Vatican, February 2, 2006
Benedict PP XVI