"Be glad!"

Address of Pope Paul VI to the Florentine university students of Communion and Liberation.
Paul VI

Our best wishes go out to you! We are very attentive to the affirmations of your program that you are spreading about, of your way of life, of the adherence of young people and new, renewed, and renewing adherence to the Christian and social ideals that the Catholic world in Italy gives you.
We bless you and in doing so we bless and salute your founder, Father Giussani. We thank you for the courageous, strong, and loyal statements that you are making in this particularly agitated moment, disturbed by certain torments and misunderstandings that surround you.
Be happy, be faithful, be strong, and be glad to spread around you the testimony that the Christian faith is strong, is happy, is beautiful, and can truly transform in love and with love the society in which it finds itself. Many, many good wishes and blessings!