Politics is a good

Local elections in Italy 2016
Communion and Liberation

“Please, do not watch life from the balcony, but commit yourselves, immerse yourselves in the vast social and political dialogue” (Pope Francis in Florence, November 10, 2015).

Watching from the balcony, from above. Isn’t this the attitude many of us have when we talk about politics? Overwhelmed by the difficulties and problems that at times seem insurmountable, we can experience a kind of fatigue in regards to our freedom and responsibility, which leads to a growing apathy towards voting and distrust of any kind of political structure.

But this apathy and distrust do not originate in politics; their source is quite different. It is a crisis of the “I” in the face of “life that cuts you down” (C. Pavese, Dialogues with Leucò), manifesting itself as an unconquerable boredom, a mysterious lethargy.

Is there any hope of escaping this paralysis that leaves us disappointed and dissatisfied?

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