Towards the Meeting: friendship radiates the world

"Friendship is a gift from God that goes before us, so it is inexhaustible. And it has a very strong cultural impact." An interview with Bernhard Scholz, President of the Rimini Meeting

Fraternity Exercises 2023

The booklet of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, 2023, preached by Fr. Mauro Lepori

Presentation of the Religious Sense

On Thursday 14th September Javier Prades, will be present the book The Religious Sense in London.

The Journey in His Presence

An evening of music, readings and videos to celebrate the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth in Lancaster.
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Wheat therapy

Children’s suffering and attempts to anesthetize their pain. But what happens when you take your questions seriously? Giovanna Moretto, a developmental psychologist, talks about her work. “An ongoing education for me.”
Giacomo and his wife Maria
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If aridity is no objection

A job in finance, the anxiety of performance outside and inside the home. Until the discovery that everything is united only if we recognize that we are loved. Giacomo's testimony to CL European Diaconia.

I have always struggled to accept myself as I am in my work. I suffer from impostor syndrome because I got to working in finance somewhat by accident and when I encounter difficulties the doubt of not being up to the mark often creeps in. In the evening I...

On mission with Peter

On June 22, a meeting was held with the moderators of associations and movements convened by the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life. The address of Davide Prosperi

"A new beginning, in which Christ will keep me with him forever"

Born in South Korea, he moved with his family to Vancouver. The story of Andrew Lee, one of the fraternity's new priests ordained on June 24, who spent time in Eastleigh.

"And who am I?"

This month's issue is dedicated to Fr. Giussani's The Religious Sense.
The presentation in Cambridge
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Cambridge: The Religious Sense and a "living experience"

The presentation of Fr. Giussani's book at the University Chaplaincy, a round table between Arabella Milbank, Anglican chaplain, Paschal Uche, Catholic priest, and physicist Maria Ubiali.

On Wednesday 24 May, the Cambridge community hosted a presentation of the new translation of The Religious Sense at the Catholic chaplaincy. The gesture was born from the initiative of one of us, Maria, who is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the unive...

The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (Photo:Unsplash/Ben Seymour)
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Oxford: A source of faith and unity for all

The presentation of The Religious Sense at the University of Oxford’s Catholic Chaplaincy. An opportunity for the local community to bear witness to what has taken hold of each person's life.

"Why don't we organize a public presentation of The Religious Sense at the University?" The idea came from a phone conversation with my friend Beppe, a professor at Oxford University. I arrived in the English city in October to begin a doctorate in Philos...

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Fr. Giussani. The podcast on The Religious Sense

A thirteen episode podcast covering the contents of Fr. Luigi Giussani's famous book through his own voice for the first time.