"You are not lacking any spiritual gift"

The text of the Beginning Day of the Adults and University Students of Communion and Liberation. By video link, September 25, 2021.
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"You are not lacking any spiritual gift"

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Beginning of the Year Day 2021

Saturday, 9 October 2021, 3 pm, Tuke Hall, Regent's University London, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4NS

"YOU ARE NOT LACKING IN ANY SPIRITUAL GIFT" The Beginning of the Year Day will be held on Saturday 9th October at 3pm. This will be a ticketed event in person with the option of following the live-streaming from home/in small groups. To allow social...


Radcliffe: Nothing human is alien to us

Do Christians need the world or must they defend themselves against secularisation? The Oxford Dominican proposes a surprising method: the imagination. This is what allows us to touch the person where they are most alive.
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"The beginning is something that is alive now"

Carrón's message upon the death of Pier Alberto Bertazzi, one of Fr. Giussani's greatest friends. As a university student, he was among those who first used the name that ended up becoming the name of our movement.
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Tolkien: the polyphony of creation and man's creativity

With Andrea Monda; Lukasz Neubauer; Guglielmo Spirito, the Theological Institute of Assisi. Introduction by Giuseppe Pezzini, curator of the "The Tree of Tales" exhibition.
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To just simply live

The days prior to Marta and her family’s departure from Scotland were full of the constant presence of their friends. “I asked myself if we did had done anything particularly special during our years here…” This is what she discovered.

The day we locked the doors of our house in Scotland to move to England, my husband, my children and myself were not only tired from the extremely intense days before the move but also heartbroken for leaving what had been a wonderful experience of famili...

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Dicastery for the Laity. The words of Pope Francis

The Pope's address to the participants in the meeting of lay associations, ecclesial movements and new communities, organized by the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life.
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Fr. Giussani, towards the centenary

2022 will mark the anniversary of the birth of the founder of CL. It is an opportunity to deepen and to make known the novelty that he continues to bring into the lives of many. Here is how you can contribute.