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Library of the Spirit

The Cultural Center Library of the Spirit was born in 1993 in Moscow as a meeting place between the Eastern and Western spiritual and cultural traditions, as an expression of the synergy of some European cultural institutions: the Foundation Russia Cristiana, the then Apostolic Administration of Moscow, and a prestigious Orthodox body, the International Training Centre of the Christian Saints Cyril and Methodius in Minsk.

Since its inception, the Centre has carried out a cultural and ecumenical work in order to contribute to the dialogue between cultures and identities in Russia; in particular, it aims at awakening the Christian identity by publishing volumes of theology and philosophy that are universally accepted as classics of the Catholic and Orthodox thought and tools for meeting with Christianity. Besides publishing, the Centre also acts as distributor for the entire Russian territory.
A significant number of books are distributed for free, mainly to private individuals and religious organizations, socio-educational centers and prisons.

Since November 2004, the Cultural Center has moved its headquarters to a central area of the city, a large and elegant space which includes a shop-library area, a conference room, and a small bar. Continuing in the tradition of the Botkin family (former owners of the house, art collectors and patrons, who had among their guests Lev Tolstoy, Vladimir Solovyov and Rubinstein), the Centre offers almost daily cultural activities (conferences, book presentations, art exhibitions, movies, concerts, children's shows), designed to enhance any creative expression and enter into dialogue with it, and to offer hints to judge reality.

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