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International Meeting Point

The International Meeting Point was born in 1992 in Kampala to help and support people with HIV in some slums in the capital of Uganda, particularly in the districts of Naguru and Kireka. The idea behind the outset of Rose Busingye, the founder, is to place at the center of everything not just the “sick,” but the whole person. The first interest of IMP is that nobody is left alone in the face of illness and suffering because, as Rose writes, “not just the drugs make you feel good. You feel better when there are people who spend time with you, and treat you with affection. When you feel that you belong to someone.”

The IMP’s method is carried out through various activities, including the Consulting Room for HIV patients, the doctor’s room, home visits, support for antiretroviral treatment, and the distribution of basic necessities or training on sanitation and health education. For those who stay, there are also courses in crafts and promotion of small businesses, recreational activities or traditional dance.

Support for the completion of secondary and primary schools is also provided, as well as a Welcoming house for orphaned or abandoned children, and a Day Care Center dedicated to “Don Luigi Giussani” for unaccompanied children. Since 2009 there are the first primary school classes and there are numerous educational activities.

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