The Company of Works - Adults Engaged in the Work

The Company of Works

Established in 1986 on Giorgio Vittadini’s initiative, the Company of Works (CdO) is a not-for-profit, business association at the national level that aims at promoting the spirit of mutual collaboration and support among its members, for an optimal utilization of human and economic resources.

It arose through the free initiative of young university graduates and businessmen who, in continuity with the Catholic presence within the Italian society, and in light of the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, wanted to “promote and protect the dignity of every person in the social and work environment, as well as the presence of works and businesses in society, promoting a concept of the market and its rules able to comprise and respect the person in every aspect, dimension,and stage of life” (Article 1 of the Statute).

The current President of the Company of Works is Bernhard Scholz.

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