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“Father Giussani grew up in a home poor as far as bread was concerned, but rich with music, and thus from the start he was touched, or better, wounded, by the desire for beauty,” recalled then-Cardinal Ratzinger at the Funeral Mass for Father Giussani. As it accompanied Father Giussani in his young age, music has been a constant in the life of the Movement. In particular, all the gatherings (Spiritual Exercises, Vacations, Beginning Day, etc.) are introduced by the music, not as a background, but for its ability to awaken the human heart and to provoke an expectation forsomething else.”

Because of its great potential at the educational, missionary and ecumenical level, since 1997 Father Giussani has directed the “Spirto Gentilmusic series, which has released over fifty CDs, and reproposes to the general public a repertoire that is sometimes forgotten or appreciated only by a few connoisseurs. Directed by Carrón since 2005, the series ended in 2010.

The idea of starting a new record initiative came from the need, expressed by many, for an “introduction to music” that was not exclusively analytic. Nowadays, this widespread method, often runs the risk of forgetting the “surplusof the artistic experience, that is, the unexpected surprise that can happen when listening to a piece of music that is directly informed by the ultimate meaning of existence and history.

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