Charitable Work - Gestures and Tools

Charitable Work

In the experience of CL, charitable work aims at teaching, through faithfully performing an exemplary gesture, that the ultimate law of existence is charity, gratuitousness. There are numerous activities available: from teaching catechism to children in the oratory, to keeping company to the elderly in nursing homes, up to the after-school care.

From this, through the free and responsible initiative of some individuals, works were created over time which brought to the creation of actual family-houses for the most difficult cases (unwed mothers, drug addicts, the mentally ill, persons with disabilities, and HIV patients); to the development of business enterprises whose purpose is inserting persons with disabilities into the workplace; to the foundation of non-governmental organizations for projects of development in poor countries (for example, AVSI in Italy, and CESAL in Spain); from the establishment of foundations like the Food Bank; to the creation of Solidarity Centers to help unemployed people to find work. CL is present also in the assistance in prisons or in the simple economic help to families in difficulty.

In a great many cases these are initiatives which combine the charitable purpose with a business-like organization; therefore they are part of the so-called not-for-profit sector. They follow the tradition of the great works of charity which marked the history of Western Christianity.

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