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The assembly. Photo: © Anna Arigossi/Icon Photos

Northern European Assembly: "If all things speak of the beloved”

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Reading, West London, a weekend with Julián Carrón. They came from the most secularized countries, talking about the fear of getting up in the morning, boredom even when everything goes well, or the joy of setting up a new school... Here is what happened.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Message from Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Current EventsCardinal Pietro Parolin

Cardinal Pietro Parolin sends a Message to the organizers and participants of the 38th Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples.

Parliament at Sunset by Mike Gimelfarb/Wikimedia Commons

Embracing the unexpected

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

On June 17th, the 4th edition of the London Encounter took place. An occasion for scientists, theologians, and common people to tackle a challenging topic: to look with sympathy at what we can’t foresee.

St. Ann's Square tributes and memorials, Manchester, May 2017 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Manchester: "Stronger and Taller than Death"

Current Events

The UK CL community has published a leaflet after the attack in Manchester. Amongst the pain and disbelief, "let us look at this pity and at this thirst, at this infinite desire for good, beauty, life, justice that we all are."

My heart is glad because you live, oh Christ

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Notes of the introduction of Fr. Julián Carrón to the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (Rimini, April 28, 2017). "... Let us elevate our awareness, let us reawaken our responsibility!"

London Commuters. Traces

The beginning on two wheels

Current Events

A surprising friendship is discovered among the frenetic London pace. A friendship among people that does not limit or isolate, but rather "illuminates everything".

Reading, England

A light amid the storm

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

The drama of separation, living faith in secularized cities, relationships at work. Five hundred people met for the annual meeting between Fr. Julián Carrón and the Northern European CL communities. The theme: daily life, and what illuminates it.

Students in the Maidenhead GS Community. Traces

They constantly surprise me

Current EventsPaolo Perego

About 30 teenagers gather for meetings, organize parties, and try to get their classmates involved, because as Fr. Pepe often reminds them, “they have the same wound you do.”

U.K. Out of Europe. Creative Commons CC0

Brexit: and now?

Current Events

Following the Brexit decision, the UK CL community has prepared a statement that points towards a challenge: "Is the other good or not?"

Pro-EU march in London. Via Wikimedia Commons
London Encounter 2016

The city and the myth of the island

Current EventsLuca Fiore

A verse by John Donne is the title of this year's event. Brexit, Astor Piazzolla and a keynote speech by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. An account of what happened on 11 June.

We are "stories made up of faces and relationships”

Current EventsGioia Palmieri

Saturday, 11 June, the annual event in the British capital. A day of meetings, exhibitions and music, to offer the city a new hypothesis upon the crisis of our time. And rediscover the value of "the other".

Fr. Julián Carrón and Pope Francis

Fr. Carrón has private audience with Pope Francis

Current Events

"I wanted to witness to the Pope our desire to follow him, to become ever more one with his gaze on men and women, and on the world." Fr. Julian Carrón met His Holiness Pope Francis in a private audience on April 14, 2016.

The "Jungle" in Calais

"What will become of them?”

Current Events

The stories of a small group of Londoners who visited the refugee slum on the French coast. From the surprise of a simple "welcome" to lunch together. But now the bulldozers have begun dismantling everything...

"A desert, but after a short while you find water"

Current EventsGianluca Marcato

More than 500 people gathered in Reading for the Norther European assembly with Fr. Carrón. The theme, "Back to the Origin". Many testimonies of faith, so as not to forget the novelty that is lived in the present: "The origin is in the present".

Interview: 10 years at the head of Communion and Liberation

Current EventsLuca Marcolivio

"If the faith is truly lived seriously, it is able to meet all the desire of fullness that a person desires when not finding another." We publish an interview with Julián Carrón in light of ten years as head of Communion and Liberation.

Close to those who are far away

Current EventsLuca Fiore

A day in the suburbs of London with Fr. Jose "Pepe" Claveria to see how in this ultra secularized society faith can once again be credible (and attractive) even for “pagans.”

Giulia telling the story of the Happy Prince

From Oscar Wilde’s heart to ours

Current EventsGianluca Marcato

Fr. Neil from the Church of the Holy Family of Ealing was unable to attend the London Encounter. So a group of friends decided to take the exhibition about Oscar Wilde to the parish. Between a five o'clock tea and a sangria, an account of the weekend.