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Fraternity Exercises 2019: Friday's introduction

Current EventsJulián Carrón

We publish the text of Julián Carrón's introduction to the 2019 Fraternity Exercises titled"What Can Withstand the Test of Time." The full text of the exercises will be released alongside the June issue of Traces.


Amongst the chaos, Benedetta’s “yes”

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The dissatisfaction of being a full-time mum. But getting a job is still not enough. Envy towards those who are happy grows. "I desperately needed Someone to hold it all together." Then those words heard at mass, which open wide the possibilities…

David Jones (1895-1974)

David Jones: The density of the present moment

Current EventsPeter Kahn

"In Parenthesis", the English author's masterpiece that tells the story of life in the trenches. Supported by T.S. Eliot and admired by Yeats, Auden and Dylan Thomas, it reveals the signs of a grace that reached him through horror.

Detail of ''July Change (Flowers on a Table)'', 1930

Carrón: "The surprise of Christmas: victory over fear"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

"God’s audacious initiative to Mary also reaches us this Christmas, renewing the announcement of a radical newness." Fr. Julián Carrón's article published in the "Corriere della Sera" on December 23.

CC0 via Pexels.

A dinner in Plymouth

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A CLU student studying abroad in Plymouth decided to cook for his roommates on his birthday, and then everything changed ...

"For me to live is Christ"

The return of the Metropolitan

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A desire taken seriously and a small people moved to indulge it: that’s how the exhibit from the Rimini Meeting brought the Russian bishop back to the place of his mission.

The London Encounter 2018 took place on 3 November (Photo: Anna Arigossi/ICONphotos)

When God's "warning light" goes on

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

From David Jones, the poet of the Great War, to Metropolitan Antonij, and ending with “the Grand Inquisitor.” The London Encounter put the spotlight on the paradox of freedom, and on the reason that man can find freedom even in front of death.

Meeting 2018: Pope Francis' message

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"Christians cannot give up their dream that the world will change for the better, because it is a reasonable one. This certainty is rooted in the deep conviction that Christ is the beginning of the new world."

Julián Carrón and Rowan Williams

"Disarming Beauty" presented on Rowan Williams' home ground

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

“The real issue is to learn to be creatures.” Magdalene College hosted a dialogue between Julián Carrón and the great theologian and former leader of the Anglican Church. They discussed topics ranging from education to the role of Christians in society.

Bishop Philip Egan

Bishop Egan: "Great Britain, start afresh from the good news”

Current EventsLuca Fiore

The Bishop of Portsmouth reflects upon this historic moment in the United Kingdom. From Brexit to secularization, the bitter observation that so many people live in ignorance of the Gospel. The greatest challenge? "To rekindle the religious sense".

London seen from Westminster cathedral

This anger is not enough

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

According to the New York Times (and many other reviews), his latest book is one of the most notable of 2017. Pankaj Mishra offered his clear-eyed vision of today’s world and its globalized “disorder.”

"Our one desire is to follow Him"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Last Friday on February 2, Fr. Julián Carrón was received in audience by Pope Francis. This is the letter that was written to the Fraternity of Communion & Liberation after his encounter with the Holy Father.

Julián Carrón received in private audience with Pope Francis

Current EventsAdriana Masotti

The president of Communion & Liberation explain to VaticanNews themes of their conversation. "He encouraged us to continue with our efforts, [...] he believes this education is especially important [...] when young people are living in a “liquid society”.