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School of Community

The School of Community is an educational tool to deepen (in awareness and affection) the experience of the encounter made with the charism. It consists in the reading and personal meditation on a text proposed to the whole Movement, followed by community meetings.

The work is specifically designed as a school: first of all there should be a willingness to learn; secondly, seriousness and sincerity in a comparison with one’s own experience in order to be able to communicate how the mystery of God works in one’s self, that is, to witness one’s own change. The proposed texts are usually those of the founder, Father Luigi Giussani, or Father Julián Carrón. Participation is free and proposed in places of study and work. Meetings are usually weekly.

The work of School of Community will start as follows:

• In October we will start working on "The Form of Witness” (Page One on September Traces), notes from the Synthesis of Julian Carron to the International Assembly of Leaders of Communion and Liberation

• We are following what Fr Carron is doing in Italy. However, sometimes there are periods in which we are not exactly working on the same content at the same time. Please follow the indications that will be sent around by the secretary through your leader of School of Community.

LIVE or RECORDED CONNECTIONS with Fr Carron School of Community in Milan: this year Fr Carron has extended the invite to connect to his School of Community in Milan to the community abroad. This is a unique opportunity to follow Fr Carron and as such it should not be lived as a “cinema projection” but as a live school of community. To this extent we will be able to send contributions to Fr Carron and the School of Community will be translated in English. In the UK a connection (live or recorded) will be proposed in 20 locations around the country – Please contact the leader of your School of Community for more information.

• It will still be possible to download the English transcription of Fr Carron’s Schools of Community from our UK website ( and

Sunday 15 April 2018 (place to be confirmed) - Assembly of School of Community
Sunday 20 May 2018 (place to be confirmed) - Assembly of School of Community
Sunday 1 July 2018 (place to be confirmed) - Assembly of School of Community

To find out where you can meet us in the UK, please contact us:

The notes of Fr Carron’s School of Community in Milan are available at the following link
link to school of community milan

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