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Communion and Liberation in the University

"Christianity is a new life, it’s a new way of living, which is to say of perceiving, of judging, of feeling, of reacting and of manipulating things. It is a new way of life, a new way of living, not individually but essentially as a community. So, that the Church is present in an environment means that in that environment the Christian community is present as life, that the Christians live the life of that environment in everything, honestly, in every detail, live the interests that make up that environment, but from another point of view. It means that this other world is present in the world." (Luigi Giussani)

Communion and Liberation University (CLU) refers to people (students and staff members) participating in the charism of Communion and Liberation and living the university environment with this tension.
Along with a lived friendship on a day to day basis, we propose weekly meetings of School of Community and Charity Work as a help to build this awareness. We also hold a 'Beginning of the Year Day' in October, an Annual Retreat at the beginning of January, a Study Weekend in the Spring and a Summer Holiday at the end of July.
Groups are present in several universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, King's, Imperial, City, Reading, Warwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc.

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